Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prodigal Sundays at the Gladstone Hotel

Well, it's always a fine day when you can wander just a few blocks from your house and hear some of the finest live music this city has on offer. The Backstabbers Country Stringband played the Melody Room at The Gladstone Hotel today, the first of their Prodigal Sundays shows. You can catch 'em every Sunday there from 5-8pm, and be sure to wear your dancing shoes.


Anonymous Jp said...

hey you know i was just trying to find idea's for a yearbook cover, and i ended up here. funny thing is i thought it was really cool how you're really intune with pk. me and my sis were born and raised here, and we're not going anywhere just yet.

my old history teach is a big fan of parkdale he has so many old pictures of sunnyside. he even gave us a field trip around our school to give us a visual image of where everything was a few decades ago.

so i thought i'd share some recent photo's i took, not the most professional, but it'll do hahah. cya! =]

9:44 AM  

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