Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hairstyle of charge

Something just happened that is such a perfect illustration of why I love Parkdale so much...

I was just about to unlock my door after arriving home from work, and there was a man (probably in his late sixties or so) using the window of the store next to me as a mirror, while combing his hair into place. He had a pretty good head of silvery hair on him, and it had that beautiful wave to it that seems to only be found on men of an earlier era. When I came up, he turned to me, ballcap in one hand, comb in the other and said:

"Can I go drinking like this?"

I must have had a bit of a blank look on my face, as he then added:

"Without my hat I mean, does my hair look okay?"

I smiled, assured him that it did, and he thanked me and headed off down the street.

If that ain't a bona fide moment, I don't know what is.